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What is Educational Psychotherapy?

What is Educational psychotherapy?

Educational Psychotherapy is a form of individual therapeutic support that attempts to re-enact the learning environment in an attempt to explore the child’s barriers to learning. It combines play and learning tasks to help unlock children’s learning.
The therapist is psychoanalytically trained which means that their work is focused on the reciprocal relationship between the child and therapist. An Educational Psychotherapist carefully observes the child’s responses and interactions, looking to understand a child’s view of themselves from their inner world.

Children and young people who could benefit from this type of support are:

  • Children who have experienced trauma or bereavement.

  • Children who are starting to present with challenging behaviours.

  • Difficulties in school settling to learn and make age-appropriate progress.

  • Children who have difficulty making relationships with adults or peers.

  • Children who appear ‘stuck’ in their learning and in retaining information.

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